It’s amazing how you can live your whole life, striving to be a type of person that others look to and say, “Wow..I really, really like you!” 

We get so caught up in molding ourselves into what we believe others will prefer and appreciate. We shift our identity based on the different people we encounter. Like a piece of clay, we mold ourselves and fit the parameters that others have set for us. Then we are dropped, discarded, or rejected. What do we do? We lie around for awhile utterly formless, confused, and alone. Until we find another person to model our mold. It’s fascinating really. I’ve been so many different people in my life.

But IDENTITY is what I seek. God speaks to the innermost of my heart and says, “Riley, your identity is sealed. It has been sealed since before you were even born. Just walk into it. I will reveal to you who you are.” 

Just like that. Our identities are sealed. That means that that clay, isn’t clay after all. We are ceramic. We have been fired in the kiln. God has told us who we are in Him. He has sealed or set our identities. So all the molding is fruitless.

I would much rather be solid, whole in Him, than tossed about and unsure.

Father, reveal my identity to me. I mold myself to no one’s expectations. I rest in who You say I am.

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"The immediate result of authentic hope is not instant gratification. Rather, it is faithful obedience to the commands that will lead you to the thing hoped for."

"you’re not guilty anymore, you’re not filthy anymore,I love you, mercy is yoursyou’re not broken anymore, you’re not captive anymoreI love you, mercy is yours.”

"you’re not guilty anymore, you’re not filthy anymore,
I love you, mercy is yours
you’re not broken anymore, you’re not captive anymore
I love you, mercy is yours.”

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We believe for something greater, we believe for more.

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"Lord, what you have planned for my life is greater than what I want. It is greater than my fears, my trouble, my pain, and my struggles. Your love has given me a future I may not see now, but my willingness to let go of the lesser, to receive the greater is worth everything I have, and everything I am."

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This is a verse to live by..

This is a verse to live by..

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